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To live in a certain place, reside.
To live or continue in a given condition or state (to dwell in happiness).
To linger over, ponder.
// synonyms: Reside, live, be settled, lodge, stay, abide, exist, inhabit, continue, perch, quarter, remain, rent, room, sojourn, tenant, hang out, make one’s home, pitch tent. //

You’re invited.

What is a Dwell Dinner?

It is founded upon the idea that what we often lack in ourselves, we find in others, and through their own sharing of their lives. -Woven Magazine 

I am still searching in my own life. I have an idea, a passion, a need to try, test, explore. And that is what I am doing with dwell dinners. I have compiled ideas, inspiration, recipes, and quotes that resonate with me to create what I call Dwell Dinner. I need you to show me what I don’t know.  It’s as simple as that. And I want to share what I love with you through Dwell Dinner.  That is, good food, quality time, a small gift, and a unique experience.

DWELL DINNERS are long-table dinner gatherings within a dwelling, any place where one lives or stays for an amount of time.  I invite you to dwell with us tonight, where all are welcome.

It is a time to come together and share life… to know each other, have fun, belong, to be alive, to discuss, be heard, and to listen, to find common interests, to be among others, and to have community. Its essential, we all need other humans.  Each gathering will also have a one word theme.  See the schedule here.

Food that nourishes and company that sustains, those are the only truly essential ingredients to a gathering. When all those elements come together you’d have a beautiful, warm & loving experience that’s a source of sustenance far beyond the food on the table. Relationships first, appearances second. Always. -Beth Kirby (Local Milk)

I invite you to Dwell Dinner.
Respond below to let me know you’re coming…

Each gathering is on a Sunday evening at about 6:30pm.  Cost is $20 which goes towards awesome *almost local* ingredients, supplies, and a few take-home gifts to remember the night.  You will receive a confirmation email after signing up to confirm you have a spot.  If you have any questions just leave them in the final space provided and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! I CANNOT WAIT to meet you!