Dwell Dinner Topics

Each gathering will have a topic of discussion to go along with it.  This topic/word will be incorporated in different ways. It could be as simple as a little take home reminder with quotes & ideas or it could go as far as a conversation at the table.  We’ll make it what we want.  If you see a word that interests you, that would be a great dinner to come to!

Sep 25th – Gather (community, collaborate, invited, symbiosis, koinonia)
Oct – Make (do/er, create, explore)
Nov – Pilgrim (experience, journey, seek, transformation)
Dec – contemplate (think/er, restore, restoration, breathe, be)
Jan – Minimal (simple, light, life, downsizing, curate)
Feb – Nourish (health, wellbeing, care/cared for, food)
March – inspire/ed (dream/er)
April – local (goods, places, people, stories)
May – See (travel, culture, world, spain)

Please note these topics are subject to change or be repeated depending on how each gathering goes.  If you have more word ideas or thoughts you would like to share about any of these topics please let me know!