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a dwell gathering

An idea turned into a reality on this very special evening.  Not just a Dwell Dinner, but a Dwell Gathering.  A Dwell Gathering is a special event I host for someone else.  I’m like the caterer/host, but I do it the Dwell Dinner way; with […]

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a menu to share

The menu of the first Dwell Dinner was simple yet unique.  It consisted of quinoa crust pizzas, a fresh salad, and apple crumbled dessert with homemade ice cream.  All nourishing and filling while tasting spectacular.  Click on links below (all underlined words) to see original recipes. […]

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Dwell Dinner No1

I am overjoyed at Dwell Dinner number one.  It was a magical night with wonderful people and wonderful weather (we were lucky on that one).  As guests were arriving I pulled the last of the four pizzas out of the oven and made the finishing touches on […]

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a new home

This is not just my new house, this in my new home.  Home is a much fuller meaning.  It is not just a house I live in but a home where I belong, live life with others, and foster a community.  I have high hopes, […]

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bellas artes

Bienvenidos a La Escuela de Bellas Artes!  Es un lugar estupendo, siempre están haciendo algo allí.  Hay cinco departamentos diferentes; Diseño Gráfico, Escultura, Dibujo, Cerámica, Pintura y Grabado.  He visto un poco de todos pero he pasado la mayoría del rato en el de escultura. […]

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my walk home

My Spanish university, La Universidad de Extremadura, is not like my American university.  It is outside of the town and is a good walk from the center of the city.  So, on nice days I like to take advantage of the sun and my time […]

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always a little late…

In Spain everyone always runs a little late whether it be to a meeting, class, party, or meal.  This costume has its ups and downs.  Life is more enjoyable, take your time and smell the flowers.  But it can always be bothersome when trying to make […]

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¿sabes español?

Do you think you know spanish?  If so, take a look at the following words and phrases.  If you now how to use them in everyday conversation, your practically a native (in SPAIN spanish).  These are the “must needs” that you need to know when […]

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the search for food

It seems as if everyday revolves around finding the next meal even though there is a cafe or restaurant every few feet.  Here in Valencia, our time has been much more relaxed with only one or two “must see” places for each day (where as in […]

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a little out of focus

Life has been a little out of focus recently, literally and metaphorically.  Literally because I have had some issues with the focus on my camera with it not working properly.  For this reason I have been avoiding taking pictures to avoid facing the problem, but […]

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