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a dwell gathering

An idea turned into a reality on this very special evening.  Not just a Dwell Dinner, but a Dwell Gathering.  A Dwell Gathering is a special event I host for someone else.  I’m like the caterer/host, but I do it the Dwell Dinner way; with […]

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Dwell Dinner No4

There are lots of aspects of Dwell Dinner…ideas, planning, list making, grocery shopping, prepping foods a night or two before, cooking, setting up, designing, printing, communicating, thinking, and conversing.  I love it all, I really do, but for this time around I would have to […]

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Dwell Dinner No3

Dwell Dinner number three is in the books!  Nov 20th was another night of stories, laughs, and taste bud explosion.  The word for the night was Pilgrim, not just because it was around thanksgiving but because it’s one of my FAVORITE words.  I go through […]

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Dwell Dinner No2

This dinner was different that the first, which is why I call it “An ever changing gathering of people“.  No dinner will be the same, people will be different, the conversation unique.  The table was full with a total of eleven people.  We didn’t all […]

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a menu to share

The menu of the first Dwell Dinner was simple yet unique.  It consisted of quinoa crust pizzas, a fresh salad, and apple crumbled dessert with homemade ice cream.  All nourishing and filling while tasting spectacular.  Click on links below (all underlined words) to see original recipes. […]

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Dwell Dinner No1

I am overjoyed at Dwell Dinner number one.  It was a magical night with wonderful people and wonderful weather (we were lucky on that one).  As guests were arriving I pulled the last of the four pizzas out of the oven and made the finishing touches on […]

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the search for food

It seems as if everyday revolves around finding the next meal even though there is a cafe or restaurant every few feet.  Here in Valencia, our time has been much more relaxed with only one or two “must see” places for each day (where as in […]

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Today was a HOT day and it was the FIRST HUSKER football game of the season.  So when I got home, I was parched, hungry, and hot.  So naturally, I made a smoothie.  And let me tell you, it was the best one I have […]

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{Citrus Almond Granola}

the process. citrus almond granola   This wonderful addiction is pretty simple to make.  All you have to do is take a little time out of your day to enjoy a moment in the kitchen and make your house smell a little bit like heaven. step […]

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{favorite munchies}

I love to snack.  I am a snacker.  Snaking is good. As you can see I like to munch on things a lot.  Here are my go to favorites for when I need a little something tasty & fulfilling… ~my “better than cereal or any […]

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