Brooke Shanae

This is a site where I share my adventures exploring the near and far.  It’s a journey of growth through reflection, doing, and seeking.  You’ll find my travels through Spain, places of my life, lots of food, and the newest addition of Dwell Dinner.  These are monthly dinner gatherings that I host and YOU, yes you, are invited!

Interests, passions, hobbies or whatever you want to call them…those things that make a person tick and get super excited when it’s brought up in conversation.  Mine are photography, all things local, travel, spanish, unique foods, coffee, quarterly lifestyle publications, and people.  This is me in a nutshell.

My photography is seen throughout the posts in the blog as well as a few shoots I have done here.  I attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, majoring in study Advertising and Public Relations and minoring in Spanish.

I would LOVE to meet you!  If you have any ideas for collaborating on projects or just chatting I’d love to get something on the calendar.  I also host private events done in the Dwell Dinner fashion, contact me if interested.  Cheers!


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