a dwell gathering

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Dwell Dinner, Food, Lincoln

An idea turned into a reality on this very special evening.  Not just a Dwell Dinner, but a Dwell Gathering.  A Dwell Gathering is a special event I host for someone else.  I’m like the caterer/host, but I do it the Dwell Dinner way; with a unique atmosphere that revolves around quality conversation and good food.

This gathering was a birthday celebration for Joanna Sely, a wonderful human that (I think) everyone should meet.  It was clear at the end of the night that we all see Joanna as a light and joy to be around as was brought up in the words that describe her and in conversation we had.  Joanna got to bring all her friends, from different aspects of her life, together for one special shared evening together.  I think this is something we all crave, to bring together all the people in our life to one moment where we understand each other in a new light.   It’s like the “I see you” moment in Avatar.

On the menu…

// Le Quartier flatbread with golden beets + feta + shallot + sage + olive oil. I used a combination of this recipe and this one.  

//Curried sweet potato rounds with goat cheese + walnuts + craisins from Half Baked Harvest, which is one of my favorite food blogs when it comes to hosting dinner parties!

//Zucchini pesto noodle salad. Just some spiraled zucchini, edamame, fresh mozzarella balls, sunflower seeds or pine nuts, and pesto. That’s it, it’s super fresh and simple!  Feel free to add more things and make it your own.  Like sun dried tomatoes, peas, or fresh basil leaves.

//Moroccan salad with quinoa and curry marinated chicken + pistachio crusted fried goat cheese.  The pistachio goat cheese was a last minute decision but man was it worth is!  It’s AMAZING and so simple, you could sub and other soft cheese if you don’t like goat cheese.  Note: I subbed the panko bread crumbs for crushed corn chex.    I did another hybrid recipe of a quinoa salad from Nutrition Stripped and the Moroccan chicken salad from Half Baked Harvest.

The other aspect of this dinner was a popcorn bar of sorts.  We had some savory to start out the meal and some sweet to finish.

// Most of the recipes were from Nutrition Stripped.  These included dark chocolate matcha (my fave!), cheesy herb, and curry turmeric. I also did a simple garlic and dill recipe.  The best way to get spices and herbs to stick to the popcorn was to spray a little coconut oil spray on the popcorn after popping.

//The more unique one, honey pistachio rose (which I thought of myself, then googled similar ideas) came from here.  This was defiantly the most popular as it had the least leftovers.  The key to this recipe is buying dried rose petals which I buy from Open Harvest grocery store here in Lincoln.  I also subbed coconut sugar for regular sugar and added a little vanilla extract.

To see all pictures you can also check out this page.


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