Dwell Dinner No4

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Dwell Dinner, Food

There are lots of aspects of Dwell Dinner…ideas, planning, list making, grocery shopping, prepping foods a night or two before, cooking, setting up, designing, printing, communicating, thinking, and conversing.  I love it all, I really do, but for this time around I would have to say my favorite part was the actual cooking, cutting, and preparation of the food in my hands.  It get’s me moving and thinking as I multitask to get it to all finish on time.  It truly is an art.  Timing things properly, getting the right proportions when cooking for a group, making it look good AND taste good.  It’s my kind of puzzle.  Hosting a quality party takes some strategic thinking and a lot of creative spontaneity, which is why I love it so much.  Part of my loves to be very practical and logical while the other part loves to just wing it and hope for the best which is exactly what I get to do with Dwell  Dinner.

This was a unique meal in that I was working around many dietary restrictions.  We had dairy free, gluten free, low carb, and low sugar.  When I told my dad this he brought up a funny point and said, “it’s like you’re on a cooking show when your given certain ingredients you have use and ones you have to avoid, sounds like a nightmare to me”.  I just chuckled and said it gives me direction.  I work with what I’m given and something unique will come of it.  I take into account everyones favorite foods, preferences, and dietary restrictions which I base my meals off of.  It’s part of the fun and that challenge of it all.  So now I bet your dying to hear what this meal consisted of!  Here ya go…

MAIN herb crusted chicken + cauliflower ricetender chicken roasted in fresh herbs.  cauliflower herby lime rice to pair with chicken.

SALAD golden beet saladearthy vegetables meet fresh salad greens with a hint of honey, salt, and olive oil.   + I made a beet green pesto to use up the beet greens from the salad.

SIDE roasted grape brussel sproutssweet and savory brussel sprouts roasted with coconut oil, balsamic, cinnamon, vanilla, kale, juicy grapes, and chopped almonds.

DESSERT frozen cheese cake in the rawa almond date crust, citrus cashew cream, and sweet raspberry topping. 

This dinner had a total of eight people, so a little smaller than normal.  I brought out the low table again so we feasted on the floor like ancient times. 😉  The word was contemplate which we briefly talked about.  But more than anything we shared about our lives and just got to know one another.  I hope everyone learned a little something and feels like they know each other just a little better.


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