Dwell Dinner No3

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Dwell Dinner, Food, PHOTOS

Dwell Dinner number three is in the books!  Nov 20th was another night of stories, laughs, and taste bud explosion.  The word for the night was Pilgrim, not just because it was around thanksgiving but because it’s one of my FAVORITE words.  I go through life as a pilgrim (not a tourist), to journey with a seeking heart with growth always at the root, to be changed and open to new experiences.

Pilgrimage calls us to give ourselves to a terrain that we may find foreign and unsettling and to open ourselves to the sacred and surprising places that it holds. Altered by our engagement with these places, we are able to reenter the familiar territory of our lives and to see it with different and deeper vision.  -Jan Richardson

With a pilgrimage comes risk and a leap of faith.  Our lives are a pilgrimage to a land we do not yet know.  So we must always take risk and not fear the result, but press on.  Like making a menu when you have no idea how any of the dishes are going to turn out.  They might be a total flop, but life will continue.  😛

Dishes and recipes include…. a moroccan butternut squash soup with pomegranate, pistachios, and coconut ginger cream.  A creamy Chicken Marsala full of flavor, tender chicken, and lots of mushrooms. I did a cross between this recipe and this dairy free recipe.  Next was a fresh kale salad with apples and citrus tahini dressing.  Lastly, finishing with a bitter sweet dark chocolate cake with blackberry salt and rosemary.  This dessert was a win/fail because of my creativity getting in the way of me following any one recipe. I did a cross between this bundt cake recipe and this recipe.  It could have been better but was fun to make and still delish nonetheless.

Cooking, planning, people, creativity, community, food, health….these are just some the reasons I love creating small dinner gatherings, but Bee Walker from the Common Table Co gives another great reason as to what fills me up when preparing for these gatherings…

It’s been a strange and thrilling journey for me and I find that almost all creative people – all people – are also on a strange journey. I love to offer a space where people can open up about all that’s magical in their lives.  -Bee Walker (commontableco)


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