Dwell Dinner No2

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Dwell Dinner, Food, PHOTOS

This dinner was different that the first, which is why I call it “An ever changing gathering of people“.  No dinner will be the same, people will be different, the conversation unique.  The table was full with a total of eleven people.  We didn’t all know each other which made for longer introductions and more question asking.  We talked about our passions, the words each person had chosen, and lots more.  Stories were shared, water was spilt, bread was broken.  It was a wonderful time of learning and sharing.

The menu consisted of balsamic roasted chicken, shallots, brussel sprouts, and grapes based of this recipe, a make your own sweet potato with all the fixings, a simple cheese board (applewood smoked cheddar, Dolle Mina goat gouda from Shadowbrook Farm, and Old Amsterdam gouda), and an olive oil loaf from Grain Bin Bakery.  We sipped on homemade apple cider and finished off with a chai soaked fruit oat tarte from the Gather and Feast blog.


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