Dwell Dinner No1

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Dwell Dinner, Food, Lincoln

I am overjoyed at Dwell Dinner number one.  It was a magical night with wonderful people and wonderful weather (we were lucky on that one).  As guests were arriving I pulled the last of the four pizzas out of the oven and made the finishing touches on the table.  The nine of us gathered around a long low table with the crackle and scent of firewood in the background.

“It’s all about creating a moment in time that will spark conversation and be cherished.”

 I had to breathe and take in that first moment when all the planning was done, guests around the table, and food fresh.  Creating an ambiance and moment like this is what makes it so fun!  Once you have the setting the rest just falls into place.

Oh the people.  People are the best.  They are what fuel me and make me want to make great gatherings.  We all need each other and need to learn from each other.  Everyone has thoughts, ideas, hopes, and dreams that all need to be shared and listened to.  We are all so much more similar that we let on.  Its a magical thing when walls and perceptions fall and we can just be who we are.

If you’re reading this I want you at the next gathering.  You’re invited.  All you have to do is fill out the form HERE.  When you sign up you need to be somewhat committed to coming.  I keep the gathering to ten or less and plan for each specific person.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me or shoot me an email.

If you have ideas or would like to collaborate I’m all ears! For now take a look at the photos from Dwell Dinner number one.


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