why gather?

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WHY GATHER?  Here are some quotes that inspired me to do Dwell Dinner.

The Kinfolk Table puts the emphasis back into the relationships that surround eating. Let the people sharing your dinner table be the foreground and superficial details such as fancy recipes and table decorations can fade into the background.  The Kinfolk Table Cookbook reflects our ideas about the way we believe entertaining should be: comfortable, simple, slow and  meaningful. –Kinfolk

The point is not your success; it’s your journey, where you are going. –Woven Mag

We believe in stewardship and caring for the things we’ve been given. We believe in the ability of food to bring close even the most unlikely of friends. We believe in caring for the earth, and in caring for our own physical well-being. Eating is not meant to be an isolating necessity. Food is meant to be life-giving and community-building. –Hosts of the Harvest

“A lot of my daily cooking is just what I want to eat, because it’s what I think is healthy for my body.  It sustains us, but it also becomes a part of us.” –Tending the Table

Discovery consists not in seeking new lands but in seeing with new eyes.  Marcel Proust

I am reminded that home provides the most value when we share it with others.  I run my hand over the smooth surface of the table, wondering what stories this table will witness and which ones it will aid in. –Scandinavian Spring in the South

It was a moment he faced himself – as we all must – and asked, “What am I really made for?” –Greasy Hands & Turbo Coffee


Cooking is a portal into world of so much beauty, learning, and pure joy that it makes me explode.
I mixed that same brown rice and lentil combo from the other day with cucumber ribbons, thinly shaved golden and chiogga beets, pickled red beets, pomegranate seeds, red onion, chili, toasted pine nuts, Katamala olives, mint leaves and flowers, and flat leaf parsley on a bed of massaged kale 🙌🏼 Look what happened! –mynewroots


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