a new home

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Lincoln, PHOTOS

This is not just my new house, this in my new home.  Home is a much fuller meaning.  It is not just a house I live in but a home where I belong, live life with others, and foster a community.  I have high hopes, dreams and desires for this place.  What it can look like, feel like, the gatherings we will host here, and how we can make it a “home” for others to.  It is a home where all who enter are welcome, received, cared for, and noticed.  Much more to come on what is in the works. For now I invite you into my room.  Ones room should make that person happy inside, and thats exactly how I feel every time I enter my room.  It’s my place of retreat and solitude.  The best part, its full of light!  Having fresh light in the mornings make me want to get out of bed and face the day with open eyes.  I’m ready to face the days that come with an open heart and open eyes.


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