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In Spain everyone always runs a little late whether it be to a meeting, class, party, or meal.  This costume has its ups and downs.  Life is more enjoyable, take your time and smell the flowers.  But it can always be bothersome when trying to make concrete plans and things are always running late.

Like a true spaniard, I’m posting my Barcelona pics quite late.

I went to Barcelona over Semana Santa (Holy Week aka Easter or Spring Break).  It was a great trip, from our airbnb home and meeting new people to the food and the weather.

Before going I created a google map with all the unique places I wanted to visit (knowing that we wouldn’t have time to see them all).  But in the end of it all we went to a good majority of the places, which made me quite happy!

I tried to keep a daily schedule of what we actually did.  So below you can see all that we got to do with links to the shops and cafes that we visited.  Enjoy!


Arrive in bus station
O’canto Cafeteria (below airbnb home)
Free Walking Tour Hostelculture Barcelona
Lunch at La Boqueria (main central market)
Fountain Light show – Font màgica de Montjuïc
VanVan Market – One of my fave parts of the trip!



Cosmo Cafe – BEST muesli with greek yogurt & cortado with hazelnut milk
Lost&Found Vintage Market – green jacket for 8€
Dela Crem Gelato  (talked with the employees, so nice)
Impossible Chandal Store – Purchased Open House and Soffa Publications
Tlaxcal Mexican Tacos
Parc de la Ciutadella– close to the zoo, has a big fountain with animal sculptures
El Bosc de les Fades –  Bar decorated like a Ferry tale (a bit touristy)
Tasqueta de blai – 1€ tapas  (The street, Blai, has tons of tapas bars all for 1€, its a must do!)
Miscelanea gallery/cafe

Tlaxcal tacos

SUNDAY- public museums are free
Breakfast at Caravelle – huevos rancheros & dirty chai latte with oat milk
Jaime Beriestain Store
Onna coffe – cold brew coffee to go
Walked to Park Guel and the Bunkers – amazing views, the bunkers were an adventure, but worth it!
Chips and homemade guac at airbnb for dinner (cheap and satisfying 😉 )
We met another girl in our airbnb traveling alone (from thailand studying in austria)
and also met the Colombian couple that helped us use the broken oven and toilet


Casa Bonay: Mother – super juice and nut bar
Federal Cafe to meet Andrew Trotter, founder of Open House Magazine (best part of whole trip!    Entire post about this to come later)
Teresa’s cafe – gf coconut donut with maple glaze, amazing!
Flamengos vintage and other shops around the area
Wer Haus Cafe/gallery/store – Granola with soy milk that tasted like ice cream + pears + strawberry
Corner Cafe by airbnb home – (Giant)tuna salad & orange slushie (free wifi and outlets to use)
La Donuteria Donut Shop (american owner) and purchased BCN foodie guide
Visited… The Living Food (health food store), Trait store (random handmade), Obbio (grocery store),
Plaza de toros de las Arenas centro comercial (a mall inside of a bull ring)


Flax and Kale – Fungi Coconut Toast
Casa Bony: Mother BCN and Satans Coffee Corner  –  Matcha balls and Cafe con Leche
Bus to Valencia
Dinner with airbnb hosts in Valencia (Vegetarian sushi, couscous, artichokes, salad. So Good!)


bye bye barcelona, hello valencia!


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