¿sabes español?

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Do you think you know spanish?  If so, take a look at the following words and phrases.  If you now how to use them in everyday conversation, your practically a native (in SPAIN spanish).  These are the “must needs” that you need to know when coming to Spain.  If you know  how to use these words and verbs you are ahead of the game.  You will understand so much more upon arrival in Spain when asked basic questions at stores, restaurants, and talking to friends.

#1 Quedar VS Quedarse
QUEDAR = to meet up
Use “quedar” when you are making plans to meet up with someone. Here are some examples…

Where do you want to meet? // ¿Donde quieres quedar?
Would you like to get together sometime? // ¿Te gustaría quedar algún día?
What time should we meet/get together? // ¿A que hora quedamos?

meeting =  cita, encuentro, reunión

gathering = una quedada
Hay una quedada de estudiantes a las 9.  //  There is a gathering of students at 9am.

note: only use reunir for formal gatherings.

QUEDARSE = to stay (in one place)
Did you stay at home this morning? // ¿Te has quedado en casa esta mañana?
I stayed home last night. // Me quedé en casa a noche.
I am going to stay here tonight. // Voy a quedarme aquí esta noche.

#2 Llevar
This verb has many uses in spanish, I still don’t understand all the uses (hence I have not yet reached native speaker level yet, haha). But here are some main uses that I do understand…

LLEVAR = to carry

Food to go // Comida para llevar
I want a coffee to go. // Quiero un cafe con leche para llevar.

I am wearing a dress. // Llevo un vestido.
think: you carry your clothes when you wear them.

We can take you in the car. // Podemos llevarte en coche.
think: we can carry you in our car.

llevar = how much time or to be more than
Cuanto llevas…
How long have you been in Spain // ¿Cuanto tiempo llevas en España?
My sister is six years older than me. // Mi hermana me lleva seis años.

#3 Sounds good to me
Here are a few ways to say something sounds good (usually when making plans)

suena bien
suena estupendo
me parece bien
pinta bien
tiene buena pinta

To ask if sounds good say: Te apetece… // Does it sound good to… Are you interested in…

#4 Avisar/Mandar
In english we would say… Let me know. Literally: Advise me  or  Send me a message

Avisar = to advise    Mandar/Enviar = to send

Me avisas // Let me know
Te aviso // I’ll let you know

#5 Merienda
Merienda = SNACK TIME (like everyones favorite part of the day in every culture)
Merendar = to snack
approx 5pm in Spain

#6 Get it?
Many times the teachers will say these phrases to the class… Get it? Are we on the same page?

“Estamos?” / to check if everyone is all good and that we can continue on
De acuerdo / agreed
Fijate / pay attention, look at it (literally: fix yourself on it)

¿ya estamos?



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