the search for food

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It seems as if everyday revolves around finding the next meal even though there is a cafe or restaurant every few feet.  Here in Valencia, our time has been much more relaxed with only one or two “must see” places for each day (where as in Barcelona we had eight places to see everyday!).  Our vacation is coming to an end as today is our last full day in Valenica.  We have seen La Ciutat de les Artes I les Ciéncies, the cathedral, el parte antiguo, the central market, el barrio de carmen y de Ruzafa.  We have also tried Agua de Valencia (famous valencian orange juice, cava, gin, and vodka) and Horchata (nut milk made with tiger nuts and sugar) at Horchaterria Daniel.  We have tried some more local places as well as the touristy ones.  Plus we have had the full biking and walking experience.  We have been biking through the Rio Turia the goes through the middle of the city.  Yesterday I had a flat tire so we had the joy of a “real walking tour” of the city, haha.  But my favorite part of Valencia is not even the city itself.

It’s our wonderful airbnb hosts that feel more like family than hosts.  The night we arrived we were warmly welcomed by Belen’s husband and the cat Ramon.  He was starting to prepare supper and asked if we would like to join them for dinner as well, which of course we did (after a day of travel we did not feel like going out to find more food, the theme of the week).  And let me tell you, it was one of the best dinners I have had this whole time in Spain.  It was incredible simple and fresh, which hit the spot.  He whipped up some vegetable sushi, salad, artichokes, and a couscous type concoction that was an experiment but turned our delicious.  This was the start to our amazing stay.

We are going to spend our last day here on the beach and end with a procession for the Semana Santa marinera.  Check back again to see our itinerary for the past week with all the links to places we went, which ones were better, and would I would change if I did it again.


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