a little out of focus

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Life has been a little out of focus recently, literally and metaphorically.  Literally because I have had some issues with the focus on my camera with it not working properly.  For this reason I have been avoiding taking pictures to avoid facing the problem, but that’s not a good way to go about doing things.  So, after much research and a call I think I am starting to fix the problem, hooray!  Time to get back out there and photograph the world!

I have been enjoying my days in Spanish life, as they go by oh so fast.  I am not doing amazing but I am not doing bad.  “I’m fine, thanks” as all the Spanish kids say in english class.  This is literally what they all say every time you ask how are you.  As for me, I’m fine but not overjoyed.  But I think thats a good place to be right now.  It makes me want to seek and search more because I know I am not supposed to say in this state of life forever.  I want to DO, but I don’t know what.  I fill my days living on the spanish schedule, doing some homework here and there, tomar(ing) algo with people, and hanging out with my spanish friends (usually my favorite part of the day in the end!), English tutoring, and lots of walking.  I’m taking it all in and asking lots of questions along the way.  But as of now I don’t have much to show for it (posts or photos) other than a notebook full of words, lots and lots of words.

On Sunday I went up La Montaña with a friend from my program.  Spoiler alert: it’s not really a mountain, it’s more like a big hill with a sidewalk and a church at the top.  But hey, its the highest view in Cáceres so why not call it a mountain….oh gotta love Spaniards. 😉   We “hiked” to the top, took some pics, and ate pipas (sunflower seeds) and pumpkin seeds- one of my favorite things to do in spain!   I will definitely be going up again!

I go to Barcelona next.  I really want to get a hammock.  Yup, that’s all.  Besos!


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