merida- la ciudad romana

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Merida, el capital de Extremadura, es una ciudad increíble!  Es una ciudad antiguo y debajo de todo son ruinas Romanas.

Merida, the capital of Extremadura, is an incredible city!  It’s and ancient city and underneath everything are roman ruins.

It was a great and powerful roman city when Rome was in control of  everything.  We go to walk through the theater (el teatro) and arena (el anfiteatro) where the gladiators fought.  Everything is so grand and big, just like the movie Gladiator.  Even amongst the modern city there are patches of ancient ruins still being excavated.  If you want to build a new house or building you have to build it on small stilts so that they can continue to excavate under the city.  The whole town of Merida is just on top of the ancient Roman city of Merida.  I love the contrast of the new and the ancient that is the essence of Merida.


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