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Keep an eye out for my upcoming interviews with other awesome humans.  Rather than an interview, think of it as a story and life experience of a certain person.  Just like you and I, we are all people with dreams, hopes, and desires.  Sometimes things don’t always work out as we had hoped, but those are the things that make us who we are today.

I am hoping (one of my hopes, it may and probably will not work out as I am planning) to learn and grow closer to people through these times of sharing.  But it is also an opportunity where you can learn Spanish my listening or watching the recorded interviews!

So why do I want to talk about another person’s life with them?

we all have a story to tell
everyone is different and unique
we all want to be heard
I want to learn from other life experiences, cultures, and backgrounds
I want to grow in my own self awareness of other people
we are similar, yet oh so wonderfully different
people are cool

I can’t wait to get started! Did I mention photos!

Words for thought: an awesome post about discovery.


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