crossing at roundabouts

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One thing you would never think about without actually walking through a city on your own, is crossing the street when all the intersections are roundabouts (rotondas).  You can’t just cross anywhere in the circle because there are fences that make doing so impossible.  If there were no fences I would just look and cross the street anywhere in the roundabout (which could lead to sudden death by car).  To cross a roundabout you have to pick one of the 5 streets (that’s a little exaggerated, but sometimes true) that you are trying to get to and walk down one street to cross.  It’s rather difficult to explain, but its also difficult to navigate when you are faced with the situation.  We think j-walking is bad in the states…here you are looking at roundabouts to make sure no one is coming from 2 different places.  Much more complex.  It’s fun finding little things like this that are different that you I would never think of on my own.

Over the past few days I have enjoyed getting together with old friends and meeting new ones.  I got to see my friends from Alburquerque (Anabel, Maria, Lola, Raquel) and go over to their apartment for Anabel’s birthday celebration with her other friends from school.

It’s so fun to see familiar faces and start off right where we left off as friends.

 I also had the pleasure of meeting up with Noelia, a student of my sister from when she taught in spain for a year.  Noelia gave me a mini tour of the old town and we went up in the cathedral for a spectacular view of the city.  We also sat in the plaza (under electric heat warmers) to tomar un cafe.



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