28 horas de viaje

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I finally made it to Cáceres, Spain and what a wonderful place it is!  It still seems surreal that it is actually happening.  Being in Spain for 5 months to study, live, and build relationships with people. I remember visiting Cáceres with my family and the 2015 LAMP team and just thinking about the possibility if I were to actually study abroad here. And just a semester later here I am, all on my own living with a Spanish family in Spain.

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On the way here from Dallas to Madrid I was lucky enough to meet four other students in our program group.  Once in the Madrid airport we finally found the rest of the group and waiting a few more hours until the rest of them trickled in.  All 26 of us got in a giant bus and headed for Caceres, a 4 hour bus ride from Madrid.  On the way we stopped for a quick merienda of tortilla y croquetas, both very traditional spanish food.  Once in Caceres we pulled over on the road, unloaded the bus, and found our spanish families!  Catalina (my host mom) found me, helped me get all my luggage, and we got in her cute little yellow spanish car and drove a few blocks to her home. Catalina is the kindest of people, so welcoming and easy to talk to. I felt right at home the moment we met.  I miss my spanish people and it’s so go to be back and immersed in total SPAIN Spanish.

Since arriving I have caught up on sleep, eaten some Spanish food, and explored the city a bit. Today we bought our bus passes (bono-bus), registered for library cards, and attempted a scavenger hunt (which just ended up being another group walk through the town, haha). Our group is starting to get to know one another more and more as we walk places and talk together.  Meeting the other host families is so fun and hearing them all talk amongst themselves makes me so happy.

I had a wonderful surprise today…

I ran in to Anabel, my bestest spanish friend from Alburquerque // mi mejor amiga de Alburquerque!  It was a shot in a million but we saw each other and got to say hi!  I can’t wait to reunite for un cafe con leche!

I can’t wait to see what the following days will bring as I get settled in and start my life here in Spain!  //  no puedo esperar para las siguientes días y que pasaria mientras me estable con mi nuevo vida en España!
I had a wonderful send off from my friends and family in Lincoln.  I am truly oh  so grateful for each and every person in this picture (as well as many other who were not able to make it). 

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetMy last view of Lincoln as we headed to the airport…oh how I will miss Nebraska sunsets!

Hasta la próxima!


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