are you with me.

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for the month of july i was in spain.  one of my favorite places.  not just a big city like madrid or barcelona, but a small town where all there is, is a pool, some houses, and a plaza.  this is alburquerque…with two r’s.  but let me tell you, its a whole other town when you get to know the people and the community.  these people are truly beautiful.  i have made some of my closest friends here. anabel, maria, lola, helena, just to name a few.  they are kind, loving, caring, and full of excitement about life and their town.  when i think about if i want to come back to spain i just think about the people and the answer is always yes.  i learn so much through being in another culture, another family dynamic, another language.  travel is about growing and being changed, the way a pilgrim is.  thats also life.  to be changed as we experience challenges and even miracles.  the biggest thing i have learned this summer is the importance of reflection and processing my life. i don’t want to just live without being aware of my surroundings or who i am.  to grow is to think about the hard things to make better humans, starting with the core.  when i am traveling i become more aware of these things and that is what makes traveling so wonderful.  the theme song of the trip, are you with me. why? because it was the “in” song of the summer.

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