Reminiscing year one.

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Freshman year is officially over, done, and accomplished. It’s a year I will never forget. it was my foundation, my base for the rest of my college career…however long or short it may be. I met new people, I tried new things, I learned new knowledge. But most importantly I grew as a person and started to figure out who I am. I learned academically but even more I learned life skills…how to communicate, plan, prepare, organize, and just scratched the surface of becoming more self aware. I realized I have a lot of discovery to do…who am I, what are my passions, where do I belong? It’s amazing but also scary to realize the I have my future in front of me…what do I want to do with it. How much of it do I plan and how much of it do I just wait on to see what happens.

Living in a dorm has been the most amazing and beneficial experience to me. It was well worth the money (and that was a lot of moolah). You can’t get the same college experience living at home or even in a house for that matter. There are ups and downs, but for me it was mostly ups. But it’s the downs that we grow and change through. Friendships are made and/or strengthened. Possibilities are high. Being spontaneous becomes the norm. You learn to live independently, which is one of the biggest life skills that we can learn. But realizing that you don’t have to be totally independent in life is such a wonderful truth. We NEED people, relationship, and help. That and such much more is what my freshman year gave me.


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