Nature- thats pretty neat!

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The last few days of our trip were full of nature and exploring.  Allie’s awesome family took us to a huge cavern and an original Gold Rush Town.  It felt like we were taken to another time in history.  From the depths of a deep dark cavern that the statue of liberty could fit into to a recreation of panning for gold.  We also got to eat lunch at an amazing little restaurant (with amazing burgers and sweet potato fries) in a town that reminds me a lot of Estes Park, CO but with a little bit different vibe.

As for more adventures, we went to the Muir Woods Red Wood Forest with some of the tallest trees that I have ever seen!  The ground looks like a carpet of 3 leave clovers withe wild flowers spotted throughout.  Then we went to some cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  It was a bit windy but it was totally worth the small little hike.  Kate continued her search for a bouquet of wild flowers to add to her journal while Karli led the way to keep on truckin to the top.  And Allie was a true Cali girl as she walked the whole day in good ole flip flops.

Theses days of  long car rides and special moments with these wonderful people are ones that we will never regret.  I can’t wait to get to know these ladies more and more every year!


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