stepping into the out

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Danville +  San Fransisco

We finally made our step into the out (quote Home). Out into the big city of San Francisco. We were ready for a new adventure outside of our normal territory.

First we went to the charming downtown of Danville, where you can get lattes in bowls while sitting on a homey front porch with cozy blankets watching the world go by (at Sideboard Coffee). Danville was a perfect mix of tourist and local. With cute boutiques, bakeries, restaurants, businesses, and everything in between. While there I had one of the best dark chocolate sea salted caramel apples I have ever had (almost as good as Laura’s). And Kate found her souvenir! A handcrafted ring. Karli got a steal of a shirt from a consignment shop while Allie got a mini Starbucks frappe. A successful day for everyone.

The following day we took BART to San Francisco. BART is an experience in itself. BART stands for Bay Area Rapid Transit. Its always fun to people watch on public transportation. You have young hip adult couples going into the city for a day, people heading to the airport, people with grocery cart contraptions, homeless people asking for money, little old ladies with walkers, and the man that arrives just too late and misses the closing of the doors. When we finally arrive we come out of the ground and pop up next to a…Starbucks of course and skyscrapers twice the size of the buildings in downtown Lincoln.

Our first stop was the Ferrying building Farmers market. This market had everything and of course samples for the win! Some of my favorite stops were nana joes granola, little apple granola (super friendly and gave us lots of samples to try!), Marin Gourmet (delicious hummus and homemade crackers), Mariposa (an all gluten free bakery where Alyssa was able to indulge a little), The Gardener (lovely succulents and books), Pressed Juicery, Cowgirl Creamery, and Blue Bottle Coffee. Some of these are inside the building while others are just stands outside during the Saturday Market. One of the best samples was when they just hand you three quality sized pieces of dark chocolate sea salted toffee. Perfection.

Moving on from the the market we walked to pier 39 where we explored all the fun stores including one just for Leftys (just for Karli). Our tour guide, Allie got us a quality bucket of piping hot mini donuts that melted in your mouth. The pier was the place for souvenirs and goodies.

Taking a break on the beach led to an almost attack of bird poop, just barely missing my leg. (Come to find out a day later on the Santa Cruz beach, Kate really did get hit by the bird). Next we got free samples of Ghirardelli chocolate in Ghirardelli Square. Hint: if you talk to the chocolate maker he will give you samples. 😉 Then we took a hike to see Lombard Street. One of those steep SF hills but the road zig zags all the ways down which is quite a sight to see.

The day ended with a stop at Starbucks and back on BART. Success.






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