three steps to happiness

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According to frontier airlines pure happiness is… 1) pick your fare  2) choose options  3) enjoy the trip.  My friends and I embarked on our 10 day friend-trip to Colorado and California.  It began long ago in February, starting the process of planning a trip to visit each other’s houses in Longmont and San Ramon.  We all met up in our little cracker box dorm room and looked at flights, trying to find the best deal.  After some time we finally made the decision so spend some bucks to make memories that would last a lifetime.

Actually going to a persons house you can see so much more of their life and personality.  You have a better understanding of a person.  Meeting a friend in college is a great thing.  You spend long nights together and have random crazy experiences, but seeing where they come from is a whole new experience.

Here is the start of another journey growing, learning, discovering, relaxing, and much more that that I will not know until it happens.

Phase one. Colorado.


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