{Citrus Almond Granola}

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the process.

citrus almond granola



This wonderful addiction is pretty simple to make.  All you have to do is take a little time out of your day to enjoy a moment in the kitchen and make your house smell a little bit like heaven.

step one.


Pre-heat oven to 350.


step 2.

Add you old fashioned oats.

step 3.

Add them almonds. Sliced, chopped, crushed…any way you want.

step 4.

Add pepitas…aka the insides of pumpkin seeds.

Step 5.

Crush in unsweetened coconut flakes.


Step six.

Add in a few flavors…cinnamon & salt.  oh yes.  salt.  sea salt.


Step seven.

Heat coconut oil and honey together until fully liquid.  Zest and squeeze clementines to get all that yumminess out of it.


Step eight.

Add in liquids and mix well.


step nine.

Spread evenly onto cooking sheet with parchment paper.


Step ten.

granolaBLOG-63Bake for 10 mins then mix around and place cook for 5 more mins.  Repeat 3 times.


Result: sheer perfection.




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