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Everyone has a passion whether they know it or not.  At least this is what I have heard and discovered to be true.  Even though you may not know it yet.  It is inside you…growing, learning, and wanting to be discovered.

I am starting to discover what mine is, but its always slightly changing or taking a different shape.  I’m young and don’t know what my one passion is so I say have many, but in time it will change and hopefully be one.   I love to travel, cook, design and create photos.  All of these things kind of intermix and morph into one.

When I travel I love finding local quaint restaurants and cafes while photographing every aspect of it.  I love going to markets and buying local ingredients to try making my own delectable goodness.  On the way I want to capture every moment with a photo.  A persons laugh and awe all the way to the last up of coffee being poured, and everything else in between.  People are great and so are their languages.  That being said, I love Spanish and have a desire to learn as much as I can.  I want to be able to talk and build relationships with my foreign friends.   I also love to design layouts and graphics that can beautifully present information about all the good things happening in life.


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