{favorite munchies}

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I love to snack.  I am a snacker.  Snaking is good.

As you can see I like to munch on things a lot.  Here are my go to favorites for when I need a little something tasty & fulfilling…

~my “better than cereal or any other granola” homemade granola

~almonds & walnuts (dehydrated of course)

~apples.  the combinations are endless.

apple + cheese + turkey   |   apple + [almond butter + vanilla +     cinnamon]   |   apple + [pb + greek       yogurt]   |   apple + cookie dough dip [chickpeas + pb or ab + vanilla + honey + greek yogurt + dark choco   chips]   |   think of your own clever combo

~hummus with veggies [carrots, peppers, cucumbers] or your fave cracker of choice

~frozen grapes or peas.  i know it’s strange, but it’s seriously the best.

~crunchy spiced garbanzo beans

~coconut oil popcorn.  try adding different spices and flavors for something unique.

cinnamon + pumpkin + coconut oil  |  pb2  |  vanilla + cinnamon  |  garlic + italian seasoning + parmesan  |  garlic + curry powder  |  lemon pepper  |  think of your own clever combo

~cafe con leche. always.



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